About Beverage Resources

Beverage Resources LLC is a consulting and manufacturing company specializing in flavoring and DSP-intermediate ingredients for alcoholic beverages.  Our consulting services range from analyzing your TTB formulas and manufacturing processes in order to save excise tax to re-designing product formulas to lower cost and/or improve performance.  

On the manufacturing side, we offer beverage flavors and other specialty ingredients blended and packaged for easy use. Because our facilities are DSP permitted by the Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), we can be very flexible in manufacturing customized intermediate blends and flavors which can yield our clients substantial cost savings.

In addition, we are experts in the special TTB regulations that require multiple registrations for all blended alcoholic beverages sold in the US – including the flavor formulation, the complete beverage formulation and the product label. This complex registration process can be very time-consuming for the non-expert and we can often obtain substantial savings by careful product formulation and registration.

Our Facilities

Our headquarters is based in Lakeland, Florida combining 20,000 sq. ft of manufacturing, and beverage-development laboratory space.

Our fully-equipped development labs include all of the ingredients and equipment needed to design and manufacture beverages for product evaluation, TTB registration, and taste-paneling. We maintain professional contacts with firms that can provide production-scale blending and bottling for consumer-testing and final retail production, if needed.

Our manufacturing area includes TTB-permitted spaces for handling alcoholic products and potable and non-potable beverage intermediates. We maintain both blending and storage capabilities as well as on-site analysis to support QC functions. These facilities allow optimum manufacturing flexibility.

Our Principals

Robert Kryger, Ph.D. is President of Beverage Resources LLC. He is responsible for corporate management and manufacturing operations. Having served over 15 years in senior technical management positions for various flavor companies, he has extensive experience in flavor and beverage production, quality control and regulatory issues.  He has also developed a number of new alcoholic beverages for the US consumer market.

Wesley Beck is in charge of new business development. Previously, he was responsible for the Global Citrus Flavor Business for Danisco Inc. and was a principal of the specialty flavor company Florida Flavors Inc.

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