For Beginners

Whether you are interested in marketing an organic root beer, a designer vodka or a good-for-you green tea product, all successful beverage products share three key traits – a marketing story, a distribution network and a quality product.

Marketing and Distribution are key to a successful product. Who are the product’s target consumer? Why should they drink your product? How will they hear about it? Where will they buy it? If you’re new to the beverage industry, you will probably need help from a marketing consultant. But you can learn a lot by researching the many products that already exist. Start by researching the products similar to your target product(s).

It goes without saying that your potential customers have many beverage options. You need a quality product that will catch your customer. Packaging design, advertising, product color and flavor all play an important part in attracting and keeping consumers. 

Where do I start? Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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